Launches as First-Ever Blog Dedicated to Group Writing Projects

112 million blogs later, bloggers now have a way to publicize and follow group writing projects

PARIS, France, February 12, 2008 – Paris-based Share Select Media today launched a new type of blog at

The site is called Group Writing Projects and remedies a number of frustrations that bloggers have. “A growing trend, group writing projects are a great way to get links and drive traffic to blogs,” says Jacob Share, SVP of Share Select Media, “but bloggers simply had no easy way of knowing when and where group writing projects were taking place until now.”

Besides helping bloggers stay on top of group writing projects from around the blogosphere, Group Writing Projects allows bloggers to submit their own group writing projects to the site. This feature is one way that Group Writing Projects aims to be the premier resource for group writing projects on the Internet. In addition to profiles of successful bloggers, the site will furnish tutorials, how-to guides, project case studies, takeaway lessons and of course, its own group writing projects.

A select group of bloggers were given advance access to Group Writing Projects. “This is an amazing idea,” said one. “There are blogs out there that keep up with contests, advertising prices, and more – but I believe this one is truly great and one I’ll be using all the time.” Another blogger commented “I do like to participate in group writing projects, and this will be an easy way to keep track. Thanks for doing this.”

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About Share Select Media:

Share Select Media is an online media company focused on empowering quality bloggers to reach beyond their goals, while innovating new kinds of blogs and creating elite-quality, professional Web content.


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  1. Vivien – thanks all around. It means a lot.

    Tejvan – glad you like it. Don’t worry though, your feed reader or inbox will only have to suffer purple links, not too bad 🙂

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