Frugal Things To Do In… Group Writing Project

What’s the cheapest way to live comfortably where you live? The Money Life Network’s latest group writing project wants to know.

Frugal Things To Do In... Group Writing Project


How to save money in your hometown

In their words: “The members of the Money Life Network have decided to join together in creating a series of blog posts covering frugal things to do in the places we live in.”


  • Write a new blog post about how to save money where you live, but check the the announcement post to see if someone else is already blogging about your town.
  • Recommended: reuse the above logo on your own post.
  • Recommended: link to the announcement post and use comments already there to get some ideas.
  • Submit your permalink and post title via the MoneyLifeNetwork contact page.

Submission Deadline

There is none! As the group writing project manager PT explains in the comments below, the Money Life Network is trying to build a long-lasting resource page covering many locations.

5 thoughts on “Frugal Things To Do In… Group Writing Project”

  1. Thanks for sharing our group project. 🙂

    The submission date is actually open ended. We’re building this as a on-going resource.

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