Final List of Building RSS Winners, Including Most Original Tip

Earlier this week, the final vote ended for the last prize in the the Building RSS group writing project. Let’s see who won.

Building RSS Group Writing Project

Thanks again to everyone for participating.

Final Prize Winners

The Building RSS Grand Prize winner is:

David Shaw, ProTycoon

The random participant’s prize goes to:

Paul Piotrowski, How to Make Money Doing What You Love

The promotional contest prize goes to:

David Shaw, ProTycoon

The random sponsor’s prize goes to:

Mirko Humbert of Designer Daily

And the prize for most original tip goes to:

Steven Snell, Traffikd

All winners have been contacted with instructions on how to claim prizes.

Now would be a good time to subscribe to Group Writing Projects via the RSS feed or email so that you can get alerts on the upcoming Building RSS e-book. In the meantime, the Building RSS page is a terrific resource for subscriber-breeding tips.

1 thought on “Final List of Building RSS Winners, Including Most Original Tip”

  1. Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks for putting together this contest, Jacob. I found the contributions very helpful and gained an opportunity to connect with some very interesting bloggers.

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