Fabulate Group Writing Project

Fabulate is a different kind of group writing project. With Fabulate, the goal is to create a book based on participants’ submissions.


According to Ryan, one of Fabulate’s creators, this project is…

“aimed at creative writers with all levels of experience, from all backgrounds…

…the idea is to create a collaborative story written one page at a time, based on submissions by numerous authors, each a maximum of 500 words each. Submissions are reviewed anonymously by the authors peers (if they choose to take part as a reviewer), with the most popular submission being chosen as the next ‘page’ of the story. The project is free for anyone to join, but we do have measures in place to prevent abuse!

The aim is to publish the completed book, so this could provide a unique opportunity for new/part-time writers to get work published – successful contributors will also earn a cut of any profits the project makes!”


From the book’s dedicated page:

“The first round of submissions are for the books story. This can take the form of a simple idea, a collection of characters etc. Anything you can see as making an interesting story will be accepted. Reviewers can then vote on their favourite idea, once we have a clear winner, the book begins!”


  • Anyone can join by registering for free.
  • Submissions can be up to 500 words.
  • Your submission should follow the most recently published page and makes sense in the story’s context.
  • Nothing “libellous, offensive, copyrighted or anything else that might get us into trouble.”

Submission Deadline

Currently there is none, but follow the project to see how it develops once the pages start appearing.

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