Essential Lines from 2009 Group Writing Project

Joanna Young of Confident Writing wants you to look back on your most significant blog post of 2009.

Confident Writing


Your ‘essential’ blog post of 2009

In Joanna’s words: “Sift through what you published in 2009 to select the post you’d call ‘essential’…”


  • Find your best post of 2009, your ‘essential’ one, and blog about why it was so essential.
  • If your essential post had some ‘punchy’ quotes worth pointing out, mention them to Joanna as well so she can include them in the final results list.
  • Your blog post must contain a link back to the announcement post.
  • To submit your entry, leave your permalink and post title in a comment on the announcement post.

Submission Deadline

Sunday December 27th 2009


By the end of December

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