Engage Your Readers Group Writing Project

How are you connecting with your blog’s audience? Alex Cristache of Blogsessive wants to know, and he’s got a nice prize package for 3 winners as an incentive.

Blogsessive Engage Your Readers Group Writing Project


How to engage your blog readers

In Alex’s words: “I’ve talked about engaging writing before, so you can take a quick look and see what’s this about.”


Although not everyone likes including sponsor mentions like Alex requires, please support bloggers like Alex who made the effort to get sponsored prizes for you and they will probably support you when your turn comes around.


The grand prize winner gets:

  1. 1 identity package – logo, business card and letterhead design – by Alex Cristache
  2. 1 “Personal license” for the Edge premium WordPress theme created by Blog Design Studio
  3. 500 business cards printed using your newly-won design by U Printing

There will also be 2 runner-ups who will each win:

The winners will be chosen by Alex Cristache of Blogsessive, Alina Popescu of Words Of A Broken Mirror and Tibi Puiu of Lost Art Of Blogging.

Submission Deadline

End-of-day September 30th 2008


Soon after the submission deadline

5 thoughts on “Engage Your Readers Group Writing Project”

  1. Jacob, thank you very much for your help in spreading the word about the project. I very much appreciate it and I look forward to reading (hopefully) many interesting posts on this project’s topic!

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