Don’t Miss Daily Blog Tips’ $1500+ Blogging Idol Contest

Although not a group writing project, this blog contest sounds like so much fun that I just had to tell you about it.

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Getting RSS Subscribers

In Daniel’s words: “bloggers will then compete for one month, and we will track the initial and the final number of subscribers (as reported from Feedburner), and the blogger who manages to gain the largest number of new subscribers in that period will be declared the Blogging Idol, and will win the money prize.”


  • All participants must activate the Feedburner feed count at the beginning of the competition.
  • Only one blog per person is allowed.
  • Participants will need to send a short email weekly (100-200 words) describing their strategies to gain RSS subscribers.
  • Daniel will group all those emails and publish them on a single post every week, so that readers can follow how participants are competing.
  • Blackhat methods are – of course – not allowed: no faking stats, no trying to damage competitors’ blogs, etc.
  • Paid promotion is not allowed either, else it would become a “who can spend more” contest.
  • If you have a blog with over 1000 RSS subscribers and will create a brand new one for the competition, you can’t use your established blog to promote the new one.
  • All other strategies and techniques are allowed (guest articles, contests, giveaways, controversial articles, free eBooks), so be creative.


More sponsorships are expected to increase the prize value but so far one grand prize winner will take home US$800 in cash via PayPal and an SEO consulting package from Joost de Valk valued at $700.

Submission Deadline

Monday June 30th


Early August 2008

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