My Take: Top Emerging Blogs in 2008

Janette Toral’s Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2008 Group Writing Project was announced here almost 2 months ago, and the submission deadline is only a few hours away. Here are some of the blogs that I think will only continue to impress in the next 6 months.

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2008 Group Writing Project

Best Emerging Blogs for 2008

  1. Just Creative Design – Aussie design student Jacob Cass has already gained a terrific reputation by his blog. Stimulating articles, he accomplishes so much because he truly loves what he’s doing.
  2. W Revenue dot com – when you’ve created million-dollar business, people want to hear about it. Scott Wainner’s new blog delivers.
  3. Logo Design Love – Group Writing Projects logo designer David Airey actually launched 2 new sites this year. Wisely using his thousands of existing subscribers as a base, this new blog is already acclaimed by thousands of readers as well.
  4. Traffikd – Likewise, Steven Snell has leveraged his writing with Vandelay Design, Pure Blogging and others to brand himself and his new blog as must-visits for anyone interested in social media.
  5. Anywired – famed freelance blogger Skellie (think, FreelanceSwitch and so many others) also created this blog just-adjacent to her other writing, covering the lifestyle design that Tim Ferriss brought all of our attention to in his Four Hour Work Week.
  6. The Inquisitr – former TechCrunch writer and The Blog Herald creator Duncan Riley launched this new blog about “tech, pop and penguins”.
  7. FreelanceFolder – hot on the heels of the launch of FreelanceSwitch, the other bigboy in the niche, fellow Canadian Jon Phillips launched this useful multi-author freelancer extravaganza.
  8. DailyBits – in late 2007, blog maestro and Building RSS sponsor Daniel Scocco also implemented the “just adjacent” new blog strategy to create this Best Of the Web space for Daniel to blog about things that aren’t necessarily pertinent to DailyBlogTips or DailyWritingTips.
  9. io9 – a recent Gawker Media addition, it’s a heavyweight-to-be in the world of science fiction.
  10. Group Writing Projects – although not so close in topic to my other blog JobMob, this blog is steadily growing as it breaks new ground with an idea that hadn’t ever been done before. Stay tuned to see what’s in store…

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Have You Voted Yet for Most Original Building RSS Tip? Only Takes 1 Minute

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Ask the Readers: What Were Your Favorite Group Writing Projects in 2007?

With tens of group writing projects across the blogosphere, 2007 was the year that the group writing project went mainstream.

Lists Group Writing ProjectSpread the Love Group Writing Project

Time Management group writing project3Sources of Inspiration Group Writing Project

What I Learned From...Blog Action Day 2007

What were your favorites and why?

I was originally going to ask you what your sole favorite group writing project was for all of 2007, but even I couldn’t narrow the choices down that far. There were just too many good ones.

Instead, the banners above are from the favorites that I participated in over on JobMob. One of the reasons I enjoyed them so much is because there’s a good chance that I met you through one of them, but of course, there are so many other reasons as well.

So what were your favorites?

A Visual Blogroll: Thank You For Your Support

Every blogger should be so lucky. Since Group Writing Projects launched, special bloggers have come forward to help spread the word about this site. This is a salute to them.

This post was inspired by Group Writing Projects member Lillie Ammann’s long thank yous to every commenter on her blog.

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Confident Writing

Group Writing Projects Supporter Confident Writing Filled with writing tips and Joanna Young’s expertise, Confident Writing is officially “not just for writers but for anyone who wants or needs to write with confidence – because our words count.”Joanna is a great enabler and communicator who is very active within her own blog community and the others that she follows.

Check out Confident Writing’s group writing projects.


Group Writing Projects Supporter InspirationBit Vivien’s InspirationBit “provides readers with topics on Web design and development, Art and Photography, other bloggers, tutorials on various topics, site reviews, internet prodigies and much more.”A talented designer and developer, Vivien’s blog makes you want to blog. True inspiration.

Check out Inspiration Bit’s group writing projects

The Reader Appreciation Project

Group Writing Projects Supporter The Reader Appreciation Project Piloted by Ronald Huereca and Simonne Matthew, the Reader Appreciation Project “is aimed at showing readers that they are one of the most important assets a blogger can have.”At the forefront of the enormous WordPress community, Ronald is a consummate pro with a knack for understanding what bloggers want before they do, and then giving it to them.

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All Tips and Tricks

Group Writing Projects Supporter All Tips and Tricks Simonne Matthew’s All Tips and Tricks “will help you improve your skills in small areas of your life which can make a big difference in saving you time.”A serial blogger who never stops, Simonne is such an amazing supporter that Group Writing Projects is featured on TWO of her blogs. Every community wishes it had more members like her.

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Word Sell, Inc.

Group Writing Projects Supporter Word Sell, Inc. Brad Shorr’s Word Sell, Inc. aims “to help you create exciting content to attract and engage customers, to put words into action.”Word maestro and avid cartoonist, Brad’s writing surprises when you realize that you learned something and also enjoyed it. A terrific community participant.

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Tumbled Words

Group Writing Projects Supporter Tumbled Words Marcia’s Tumbled Words has a somewhat misleading name; a prolific blogger and poet for whom words flow like water, there’s nothing confusing about her writing.A valuable member of any community.

Honorable Mention