Announcing The Group Writing Projects Calendar

Introducing the time-saving blogger-inspiring Group Writing Projects Calendar.

The Calendar gives you an instant visual of the group writing project situation in the blogosphere.

Why a calendar?

As a willing group writing project participant, the Calendar is mega-useful in helping you decide what to blog about. Simply come to the site, take a look at the soonest approaching project submission deadlines and then get blogging.

Group writing project creators also have good reason to keep their eye on the Calendar. To maximize the number of potential entries to your project, you’ll want to choose a submission period with as few other competing projects as possible.

How does it work?

I tried to keep it as simple as possible:

Group Writing Projects Calendar

Good to know

  • Today’s coloring might be hiding deadlines – there’s only one way you can tell if a project’s submission deadline is today and that is by hovering your mouse over today’s date in the Calendar to make the project deadlines popup appear or not. In other words, The dark purple Today coloring takes precedence over the fuchsia Project Deadline coloring.
  • Deadlines popups can show multiple projects – to see if multiple projects’ submission deadlines are on the same day, you need to hover your mouse over the date in question to check the day’s project deadlines popup.
  • Calendar can tell the future – since I often future post, the Calendar regularly mentions group writing projects that have not yet been announced on the site.

What do you think of the new Calendar? Any features you’d like to see added?

6 thoughts on “Announcing The Group Writing Projects Calendar”

  1. Great tool and extremely helpful I agree with Bruce..a link to the post discussing / announcing this contest would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

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