This Will Be BIG: the Building RSS Group Writing Project and Contests

DailyBlogTips’ Blogging Idol opened on July 1st with over 100 bloggers aiming for the largest increase in their subscriber numbers. Many of the participants are looking for help to boost their subscriber numbers, and you and I are going to tell them how to do it in grand fashion.

Building RSS Group Writing Project

You have a lot to gain by joining, sponsoring or promoting this group writing project, so read on.


Breeding blog subscribers

Our goal: create an ultimate guide of methods, tips and tricks explaining how to grow blog subscriber numbers.

A guide so good, so useful, that every blogger will want to keep the e-book handy for reference.

And when they do, you and your blog will be a part of it.


  • List your ideas for raising blog subscriber numbers in a blog post or, if your blog readers won’t be interested in that post, prepare the list in a separate HTML file, Word or OpenOffice document.
  • Research as much as you like but no plagiarism please. Cite if you copy quote.
  • All tips should be written with the idea that children WILL be reading them.
  • If you do a blog post, link back to this announcement.
  • Recommended: use any of the 4 logos included here in your post.
  • Multiple entries are allowed as long as they all arrive before the deadline. We want to have as many tips as possible.
  • To submit your entry, leave a comment here below with your blog post’s permalink url or email your list to jacob [dot] share [at] shareselectmedia [dot] com. You can also send individual tips via comments to this post.

What you stand to gain just for participating

  1. The final results of this group writing project will be collected in the Building RSS e-book, where every participating blog will be mentioned at least twice. This e-book is going to be popular, so being inside will get you good exposure.
  2. Participants will also earn at least 2 links here on Group Writing Projects.

Please Hurry. Timing is CRITICAL for the Blogging Idol’ers…

Here’s why.

The Blogging Idol contest has already begun, and its participants (including myself, via JobMob) are already working to bump up their subscriber numbers. They need help now.

To help the Blogging Idol participants, all submitted ideas will be posted to a dedicated Building RSS page here on Group Writing Projects – once there are entries to post there – which will also act as official scoreboard during the contest.

The Building RSS page will also have tremendous value for social media.

…and for Contest Scoring

  • Any tip you submitted that appears on the Building RSS page earns you a point.
  • The blogger with the most points at the deadline will be declared the grand prize winner.
  • If there’s a tie, it will be broken via

FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED – if 2 bloggers send in the same tip, the one which arrived first is the one that will be awarded the point. Not getting points for duplicates is very important because otherwise someone could just wait until the deadline and then copy the Building RSS page.


One grand prize winner will win:

  1. US$100 via Paypal, sponsored by Group Writing Projects.
  2. A 30-minute subscriber growth consultation with Liz Strauss, courtesy of Liz Strauss.
  3. A 30-minute design consultation with David Airey, courtesy of David Airey.
  4. A copy of Daniel Scocco’s Killer Domains, courtesy of Daniel Scocco and Daily Blog Tips.
  5. 1-month placement of a sitewide 125×125 pixel button ad on JobMob, a US$200 value courtesy of JobMob.
  6. 3-months placement of a sitewide 125×90 pixel banner ad on Designer Daily, courtesy of Mirko Humbert.
  7. 1-month placement of a sitewide 125×125 pixel button ad on Group Writing Projects, courtesy of Group Writing Projects.

The blogger of the most original tip as voted by the Group Writing Projects Community will earn:

  • An unlimited license to premium WordPress plugin OIOPublisher, sponsored by Simon Emery.
  • 3-months placement of a sitewide text link ad on Designer Daily, courtesy of Mirko Humbert.

One other randomly selected participant blogger will win:

More prizes may be added later. Would you like to sponsor the Building RSS group writing project?

Promotional Contest

Moo MiniCardsThe blog which refers the most traffic to this announcement post by the group writing project deadline of July 13th will win a gorgeous pack of 100 Moo MiniCards pictured here at right.

To qualify for the contest, please email me at jacob [dot] share [at] shareselectmedia [dot] com with your blog url so that I know what to watch for in my referrers list.

All blogging participants in the group writing project are eligible via their entries’ required link to this post.

To help you in promoting the Building RSS group writing project, please download these images and use them on your blog, Entrecard, Facebook profile, etc., and link to this announcement.

Please promote this group writing project on your favorite social media websites as well.

125×125 pixels
Building RSS Group Writing Project - 125x125 button
250×125 pixels
Building RSS Group Writing Project - 250x125 banner
468×68 pixels
Building RSS Group Writing Project - 468x60 banner

Submission Deadline

Sunday July 13th 2008, midnight PST (check your local time here).


Entries will be posted on the Building RSS page as they are validated, with final results coming Monday July 14th 2008

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