Call for Sponsors For the Building RSS Group Writing Project

The Building RSS group writing project is going to be BIG and it will be heavily promoted. The sooner you get on board as a sponsor, the sooner you can benefit from that promotion.

Building RSS Group Writing Project

What will sponsors receive?

  1. The first 3 accepted sponsors will be thanked in all promotional email sent for the Building RSS group writing project.
  2. Every sponsor will be highlighted in the Building RSS e-book. The primary sponsor’s logo will appear on the cover while the other sponsors’ logos or urls will appear after the table of contents but before the content itself, on a dedicated page.
  3. Every sponsor will be promoted on the Building RSS dedicated page, expected to do well in social media.
  4. A random sponsor, chosen via, will also win a 1-month placement of a 125×125 pixel button ad on JobMob, a US$200 value, sponsored by JobMob.

Important notes for potential sponsors

  • Sponsorships will be accepted until the Building RSS group writing project deadline of July 13th 2008 but the sooner you get on board, the more you can reap from the promotional exposure.
  • Sponsorship consists of a cash offer, product or service of at least US$25 in value. The audience consists of bloggers around the world (some of whom are less than 18 years old) so any product or service should appeal to the entire audience and be sendable to them at no cost to them.
  • If the sponsorship is monetary, please be prepared to send it to the designated winner. Do not send it to me at any point.
  • The sole primary sponsor will be determined by the value of all the offered sponsorships. If no sponsor commits a value above US$250, there will be no primary sponsor.
  • All sponsorships will be offered as prizes. In other words, none of it will be kept by me.
  • Please promote the Building RSS group writing project as well. You only stand to gain from it.

How do you sponsor the Building RSS group writing project?

Very simple. Before July 14th, send an email to jacob [dot] share [at] shareselectmedia [dot] com stating:

  1. Your name or company name (who is the sponsor?)
  2. Your blog or website url
  3. Details of your sponsorship offer

Thank you in advance.

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