Best Job Search Tips of 2008 Group Writing Project

When a tough economy makes job seeking all the more difficult, it’s more important than ever to share those best job search tips that can lead someone to their next source of income.

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Best job search tips of 2008

In Jacob’s my words: “If you blogged about job search tips in 2008, what was your best post? The one that you feel would be most helpful for job seekers to see? If you haven’t yet blogged about job search this past year, do so before the deadline and send in your article.”


  • Choose a post in your blog archives or blog a new one about job search tips.
  • Whether a new post or an old one, the post must have been blogged in 2008.
  • One entry per blogger only.
  • Blog posts can be in any language, but the submitted title and description need to be in English.
  • Recommended: add a link to the announcement post.
  • To submit your entry, send me your post title, permalink and a 2-3 line summary of the article via the JobMob contact form.


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The prize winner will be chosen at random.

If you’d like to sponsor a prize, tell me via the JobMob contact form.

Submission Deadline

End-of-day December 31st 2008 January 7th 2009, regardless of the timezone you’re in


January 5th, 2009

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