Before I Was A Mom: MamaBlogga’s August Group Writing Project

MamaBlogga’s Jordan wants to know what came before you were a mamablogga.

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Before I Was A Mom

In Jordan’s words: “Your post can take any form as long as it reflects this theme—this includes anything from serious to sarcastic, about your children, your future children, your pet, etc.”


  1. Your post must relate to the theme
  2. Your post must be new (later than August 10th)
  3. You can participate via your blog, vlog, plog, etc. or with a guest post on Mamablogga
  4. Recommended: link back to the announcement post.
  5. Submit your entry through the submission form.


US$30 gift certificate to

Submission deadline

August 17th, 2009


August 17th, 2009

1 thought on “Before I Was A Mom: MamaBlogga’s August Group Writing Project”

  1. This is a great GWP! Jordan always does a wonderful job on her semi-regular group writing projects and I highly recommend this one.

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