Ask the Readers: Should Private Group Writing Projects Be Announced Here?

The End of Year Predictions Group Writing Project is actually the second group writing project organized by the Finance Blog Network (FBN). However, it’s only the first one that was announced here. Why?


The FBN’s first group writing project was a closed or private one. Only members of the FBN were allowed to submit entries. Until now, my policy has been to only announce gwps where you could participate. After all, why would I want to frustrate you?

Whenever I discover a private gwp, I try to contact the creator and ask them to open it. There haven’t been many private gwps this year but Curt’s decision to open the FBN’s gwps is actually the second time that I’ve successfully convinced a blog network to open up its group writing projects to the blogosphere, the first time being with The Personal Finance Bloggers Network as of their Rich People Gone Broke Group Writing Project.

Perhaps if I announced the private gwps as well, more people would push their creators to open them. Either way, do you think I should promote closed projects here on Group Writing Projects?

7 thoughts on “Ask the Readers: Should Private Group Writing Projects Be Announced Here?”

  1. Hi Jacob, Yes, I think you should announce private projects. All you can do is extend the invitation – what people do with it is up to them. But why not try? Apparently it’s working. As a regular reader of your blog, I would not be offended in the least if you announced private contests.

  2. Brad, how’s about this for a followup- do you think that I should say ‘Private: …’ in the announcement post title?

    On the one hand it could save time for some GWP subscribers. On the other hand, if the gwp does get opened after the announcement, some people’s RSS readers/inboxes will have an out-of-date post. Although… I could also post a 2nd, separate announcement for the project status change and not bother with a ‘Private’ sticker at all.


  3. Jacob, I would not say “Private” in the title, but mention it early in the post itself to save subscribers time.

  4. Why not? Those are also… gwps 🙂

    I agree that mentioning “private” part in the beginning of post would be enough.

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