Appetizers in the 3rd Soup to Nuts Progressive Dinner Blog Carnival

Did you enjoy your hors d’oeuvres? Time for some blogalicious appetizers before you head off for the first course

Soup to Nuts Progressive Dinner Blog Carnival


  1. Lesson #1 Kilroy
  2. The Dream by Jenn
  3. Catalog Number A3 Kilroy
  4. Portable Hugs by Deb Serani
  5. The Death of a Stale-Man by tony
  6. Careful Abandon by Anthony Romanelli
  7. My Confession by Madeleine Begun Kane
  8. Hope for kid friendly movies Jason Isbell
  9. The Golf Gods Smiled… Anthony McCune
  10. Herbal Connection: Relaxation by Marion
  11. Making a Bitchin’ First Aid Kit Cancerkitty
  12. You can’t Quit if you don’t Try Aaron Potts
  13. Easy Strawberry Appetizer by Busy Bee Kim
  14. rant: ugly cancer spammers by Isabella Mori
  15. How to Radically Save Money by Brice Hogan
  16. Grandfather Paradox by Richard P. McLaughlin
  17. The Silence of the Songbirds Barbara Schreiber
  18. The World’s Funniest Joke by Barbara Schreiber
  19. Too busy laughing to talk by Candice Brokenshire
  20. The Polytheistic Kalash Tribe of Pakistan praveen
  21. If Dr. Gonzo Were Blogging From Owl Farm Kilroy
  22. Relay For Life Emphasizes Hope Anthony McCune
  23. Some Girls – The Stones’ Last Masterpiece Jeff Vaca
  24. Saying Goodbye to Doctor Toboggans by Brent Diggs
  25. An Unexpected Independence Day Celebration by Jenn
  26. I’d Like to Declare a Medical Emergency by Lisa Steptoe
  27. Restaurant Waiters -vs.- Banquet Waiters banquet manager
  28. Peace Pole – Pegasus Farm Hartville Ohio Anthony McCune
  29. Successful Flea Markets and Outdoor Shows by Helene Zemel
  30. Sunday Book Review – Mastering Online Marketing Cindy King
  31. How to Make Money From Home Part #2 by Kimberly Edwards
  32. Paige’s View In San Francisco California USA Anthony McCune
  33. Commenting on a Blog vs. Commenting via Email Amanda Harris
  34. What Will North Canton Do With $1.1 Million? Anthony McCune
  35. How to Get Rid of Love Handles – The Secret by Kimberly Edwards
  36. Rebuilding Gotham City not such a profitable idea by Kim Greenblatt
  37. Prizes Offered: Help JobMob Win the Blogging Idol Contest by Jacob Share
  38. Example of A Strong Economy Without Any Government Intervention praveen
  39. Can Terriers & Hedgehogs Get Along? Socialization is an Issue! by Kimberly Edwards
  40. Mushroom Rock: The B Sides Featuring A Porcini Bruschetta Recipe by vegoftheweek
  41. Can You Learn From International Social Predictions On Rising Gas Prices? by Cindy King
  42. Book Review – Letting Go Of The Words – Writing Web Content That Works By Janice Redish by Cindy King

Which morsel was most tasty?

Enjoy the other courses in this progressive dinner

  1. Maybe you just arrived from the Hors d’oeuvres & Cocktails course served by Lisa at Stories of A Traveling Diva.
  2. The Appetizer course was served here above. You’re still eating it.
  3. Next up – the First Course is served by Marion at Herbal Connection.
  4. The Main Course will be served by Kilroy at The Gonzo Papers.
  5. The Dessert Course will be served by Kimberly at Blog N’ Butter.

14 thoughts on “Appetizers in the 3rd Soup to Nuts Progressive Dinner Blog Carnival”

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  2. like kim, i’m panicking: how am i going to go on to the rest of the meal with this wonderful spread just for the appetizers???

    thanks for souping and nutzing, jacob!

  3. Mmmmm…Thanks for the tasty morsels for Appetizers! Great stuff here…Awesome post Jacob…Thanks for providing us with all of these great articles!

    Kimberly Edwards 🙂

  4. What a superb Carnival this is…so many great articles to read and digest!

    Thanks, Jacob, looking forward to seeing you at the First Course!

  5. Brent – agreed. Glad to have you

    Marion – you said it. Actually, I already visited your course this morning, and discovered some good stuff like Isabella Mori’s blogathon.

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