Announcing The 2009 JobMob Guest Blogging Contest

For this 3rd edition of the contest, there are more prizes than ever before.

Guest posts are already being accepted until August 17th 2009. If you’d like to sponsor a prize, please contact me.

Colored pencils


Job search

I’d like to get at least 25 great articles filled with terrific insight, useful tips and riveting true stories about job searches past, present and future.


  • Write a blog post for JobMob on a topic related to job search.
  • Submit your post between now and 1 pm Israel time on August 17th 2009 (check your local time here). Or, aim for the early-bird prize and submit your post by July 21st.
  • Send in your guest post via email to jacob [dot] share [at] shareselectmedia [dot] com.

For the full list of rules, see the announcement post on JobMob.

Prizes to win

1) The grand prize winner will win:

  • US$150, sponsored by Jacob Share and JobMob.

2) The second grand prize winner will win:

  • US$50, sponsored by Jacob Share and JobMob.

The grand prizes will go to the author(s) of the 2 guest posts that attracted the most visitors during the contest. Details below on how to do just that.

3) An early-bird winner will win:

  • US$50, sponsored by Jacob Share and JobMob.

Anyone who submits a guest post before 1 pm on July 21st 2009 will be eligible for the early-bird prize. The winner will be chosen at random from among those people and announced on August 3rd when the first guest post appears on JobMob.

Other notes about the prizes:

  • Prize money will be paid in any currency supported by Paypal, using the exchange rate of the day it’s awarded. Paypal is the only way prizes will be paid outside of Israel (get a PayPal account here if you don’t have one).
  • The early-bird winner is also eligible for the grand prizes.
  • Additional prizes may be announced over the coming weeks. Contact me if you’d like to sponsor one.

Submission Deadline

July 21st 2009 – deadline for early-bird submissions

August 17th 2009 – deadline for all contest submissions


Throughout the month of August 2009

For information on how to win and suggestions of what to blog about, see the announcement post on JobMob.

Good luck!

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