An Island Life’s How To Group Writing Project

Over on An Island Life, Hawaiian Kailani has just announced their first group writing project.

An Island Life


How To…

In Kailani’s words: “I wanted a theme that would be easy and fun. So I came up with “How to . . .” It can be funny, serious, sarcastic, or totally made up. It’s up to you – the more original the better.”



US$30 gift certificate, randomly chosen from all the entries, and a special badge for your blog.

Submission Deadline

July 16th 2008


July 17th

3 thoughts on “An Island Life’s How To Group Writing Project”

  1. i really like this idea; will participate.

    this blog is getting really nice. like the “what should i blog about?” suggestion box (although my problem is the opposite: i can think of too many things to blog about 🙂

    btw, is there a reason why you didn’t provide a link to the project?

  2. Thanks for the compliments, Isabella.

    Each gwp announcement usually has at least 2 links to the project itself:
    1) beneath the title (beside the ‘Submit your entry…’)
    2) In the rules; the creator almost always asks for a link back to their announcement post, and I like to them in mentioning so.

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