Advice For President-Elect Obama Group Writing Project

Ok armchair presidents, Curtis of The Finance Blog Network wants to see you walk the walk. What would you whisper in Barack Obama’s ear right now?

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Advice for President-Elect Barack Obama

In Curtis’s words: “With the elections behind us and President-Elect Obama facing the worse economic crisis in decades, we have decided to help his by given him our advice. ”


Submission Deadline

Friday November 14th 2008


As people post their entries

2 thoughts on “Advice For President-Elect Obama Group Writing Project”

  1. Three comments on the economic crisis:
    A. Existing bank rates, credit card rates and outrageous late fees need could be frozen, eliminated or post poned. With the huge interest and late charge burden, by holding off on these charges individuals and corporations could continue to pay a reduced debt service all the while have the other funds available for consumer purchases that they cannot afford at present. Such a plan would cost the government nothing, but the econonmy would benefit immediately.
    B. Capital infusion into a company who continues to be led by the same management team is fraught with problems as seen by AIG’s junkets continuing despite the obvious problems. On a simpler scale, if I were placing my money into your anemic business I would not be willing to let the same leaders, lead. That follows the notion of the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing and expecting different results.
    C. Finally, perhaps, tongue in cheek: Why don’t we requirek, from a patriot perspective, that the capital and profit rich oil barons invest their excessive profits into AIG. They can name their terms in the sense of ownership and control, etc… It would not cost the government anything and no one could scream nationalism or socialism, and I am confident that those who led AIG south will reap their reward as only another for-profit can dispense. The oil companies get a positive patriotic press, AIG is capitalized, and they can take all of the junkets that the new management team will allow.

  2. Mr. Oboma,
    I do not know if this will get to you but I have an issue about the elderly, the old which we will all face in our lifetime.

    My Mom who is an indoneisan race is haveing problems with health care issues and related and recontunued health care facilities.
    I have A number of people suffering with the same issues.
    Am I alone I guess not……..

    For one thing, I can see A cure About A issue…….

    My mom has quite A long history, which I think you would be very intersted in one of these days listening to her, Patricias dad was lost off in the
    Jarkta ocean one of the worst marine time disasters if not ever the prisoner ship was accedentally torpedoed. and who wouldnt want to lithen to this story, since you share the same hariteage.

    For my moms sake….for what I have seen….
    After she had back surgery, she went to A rehab old folks center,

    Now the cure……
    The help I see is A little booked up. It seems to me the staff is A little over worked or could it be corrupted?
    Well to make things short, They are not indvulized care people serving idvidual problems,that is what I saw.
    What I saw again, was one nurse to all different problems.
    The nurse could be last takeing care of someone who could not talk then go to the next person who could talk, now she will not get the care she needed, please please for the sake of the nation lets fix the PROBLEM here then go serve and protect elseware.
    OB ONE Konobe your my only one that could help.

    ps.The color I see on the margins are my MOMs favorite, and this is my first try and cry for HELP.

    Don Virili

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