10 Questions with Super Group Writing Project Participant Em Dy

I first noticed Em Dy while participating in group writing projects before I launched the site. Since then, I’ve noticed that she’s become THE most regular gwp participant and a loyal reader.

Jacob Share 1) Tell us about yourself.
Em Dy I’m Em Dy, a Filipino physician who loves to see new places, take photographs, discover new things. I blog at Pulse and Captured Beat.
Jacob Share 2) What was the first group writing project you entered?
Em Dy The first group writing project I joined was that hosted by Darren Rowse of Problogger in May 2007. My entry was Top 5 Things to Do Online Before Your Trip. Since then, I’ve joined several.
Jacob Share 3) Why do you like group writing projects so much?
Em Dy It gives me something to blog about. When I started blogging, I vowed to write an entry daily. Each time I encounter writer’s block or have nothing to blog about, I turn to group writing projects. I love that they inspire me to write.
Jacob Share 4) To date, what was your favorite group writing project and why?
Em Dy I’m still confused about the difference between blog carnivals and group writing projects so I consider anything that inspires me to write as one. I enjoy working on the Lasang Pinoy projects because aside from making me write, it also gets me into the kitchen which is not often for a non-cook like me. Of the few I’ve entered for Lasang Pinoy, I enjoyed the entry I did on coconuts published here. It turned out so much better than I expected.
Jacob Share 5) As a blogger, how have you benefited from participating in so many gwps?
Em Dy It drives traffic to the site. I’ve also encountered some amazing bloggers from different parts of the world whose blogs I now follow. And like I said, it’s a way out of writer’s block. Plus, I’ve also won some prizes just by joining one.
Jacob Share 6) Have you ever created your own gwp? If so, what was it and how did it go? If not, why not?
Em Dy Last year, I launched WISH, my blog’s first group writing project. I asked participants to put in their Christmas wish, not for themselves but, for others. The project had a total of 4 participants. The one who got the highest number of votes was proclaimed winner. I had some problems with the mechanics of choosing the winner that for my next project I used the List Randomizer instead. I’m not sure though if it qualifies as a group writing project. In July 2008, I asked my readers to tell me about superheroes. Six responded with blog posts.
Jacob Share 7) Which theme would you like to see used for a gwp?
Em Dy Maybe a sort of Pay It Forward Project. I think blogging should go beyond the page.
Jacob Share 8) When and how did you discover Group Writing Projects?
Em Dy Through Google. Before, when faced with a blank page, I would search Google for group writing projects or blog carnivals. This site has made my searching a lot easier.
Jacob Share 9) What do you like best about Group Writing Projects?
Em Dy I like that it has a calendar which lists deadlines and entries for both the announcement posts and round-ups. It has everything I need in one page.
Jacob Share 10) What would you like to see improved on Group Writing Projects?
Em Dy Honestly, I can’t think of one. I think Jacob has got everything covered.
Jacob Share Thanks for the great feedback, Em.

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  1. I enjoyed the interview, Jacob. Keep up the good work. Your site makes everything easy for people like me who enjoy group writing projects.

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