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Group Writing Projects is the definitive place for all things related to your favorite and mine, the group writing project.

What can you find at Group Writing Projects?

  • Timely announcements of new group writing projects for you to participate in
  • Link-filled results from completed group writing projects
  • Useful tips and advice on running your own group writing projects
  • Glamorous profiles of blogs and bloggers running group writing projects
  • Case studies and takeaway lessons from past group writing projects
  • Much, much more…

Why should you come to Group Writing Projects?

When it comes to group writing projects, there are 2 main players involved: creators and participants.

Creators win 8 ways

  1. As a blogger, you should submit your group writing project announcement right here at Group Writing Projects. We recommend doing this immediately after you’ve posted the announcement on your own blog. This added publicity will increase the number of participants in the project and drive more visitors to your blog.
  2. If you submit your group writing project for announcement on Group Writing Projects, you automatically earn the opportunity to submit the final results too when the group writing project ends. As a combined result of the two posts, you’ll get more exposure and more visitors to your blog even after the group writing project is over.
  3. Get even more exposure when I comment on CommentLuv-enabled blogs as the plugin will automatically link to the recent post here on Group Writing Projects, which could be about your group writing project’s announcement or results.
  4. Due to the fact that Group Writing Projects is highly-indexed by Google and other search engines, Group Writing Projects’ announcements will usually appear on Google faster than the announcement on your blog, gaining potential participants even earlier.
  5. The chance to have two posts at Group Writing Projects for your group writing project is a major selling point. This means that you can promise even more links for your group writing project participants, encouraging more of them to join in the fun.
  6. With your Group Writing Projects subscription, you will learn how to run successful group writing projects and maximize your results.
  7. Save time by copying and adapting past group writing project announcements that you can find here.
  8. Improve your writing skills by seeing if I understood your announcement post correctly.

Participants win 5 ways

  1. Ever had Blogger’s Block? With Group Writing Projects, ongoing projects are a terrific way to get blog post ideas.
  2. Being a Group Writing Projects subscriber means you can easily track the blogosphere’s group writing projects and never feel the frustration of having missed out.
  3. Joining more group writing projects will increase your blog’s visibility, bringing you more traffic, subscribers and comments.
  4. If you know of a group writing project that hasn’t been mentioned at Group Writing Projects, tell us and tell the creator. If the creator submits the announcement here, they’ll also get a chance to submit the results and your entry (and everyone else’s) will gain links.
  5. At Group Writing Projects, you can learn how to become a successful group writing project creator so that you too can enjoy the benefits mentioned above.

Bonus – How Everyone Wins

Finally, whether you’re a creator and/or a participant, Group Writing Projects is a terrific way to discover new blogs from around the Web.

Sound good?

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