Writers Worth Group Writing Project

The fifth annual Writers Worth Week has begun over at Words on the Page.


Your worth

In Lori’s words: “Write a post telling others how you found worth, what worth has meant for your career, your struggles with valuing yourself, how you overcame low-paying gigs and being under-appreciated…. whatever your story is. You get the byline. You get the chance to inspire someone, share an idea that can change someone’s roadblock into opportunity, and create an inner dialogue in someone that helps them grow professionally.”

Beautiful Beliefs Group Writing Project

Blogger Amy Palko has just announced a recurring weekly group writing project.

Something you believe in

In Amy’s words: “All you have to do is finish the sentence ‘I believe that…’ And then write a bit about why you believe that? How has that belief developed for you? In what ways does this belief show up in your life?”